If you wish your life and ministry looked more like Jesus' - you are not alone.  

We help worship leaders:

  1. Discover a secure identity in Christ

  2. Clarify their mission and purpose

  3. Grow a healthy community that becomes spiritual family.

We happen to have Learning Community, Oct. 12-15. Come join us!



"God is using Love and War to provide a sanctuary of healing for my heart, reminding me what true worship is."

Brett Miller
Sacramento, CA 


"Time with the Love and War Community has marked a pivotal moment in our lives."

Seth and Emily Gerhke
Houston, TX

"This journey has been transformational for our hearts, marriage, and ministry."

Jason Phelps
Houston, TX

"Through Love and War, God is increasing our awareness to see He's at work in our home."

Drew and Meghan Williams
Huntington Beach, CA