This is not your typical conversation about worship.

There's a lot of content about worship leadership out there - how to run a great service - how to rehearse a band - what gear is best to use....We love talking about those things too, but this is not that conversation. 

We feel like the Holy Spirit is raising up, what we like to call "a new kind of worship leader."

Through countless conversations we've heard these new worship leaders express a desire to live on mission with friends that feel more like family. There's such a hunger to live purposefully beyond the walls of the church.  

Our mission is to help you, the Modern Worship Leader, set worship and prayer at the heart of missional living.

We are here to help tell a story - your story. You have musical gifts for a reason, a reason bigger than you. We believe those gifts can, and will, change the world.

Our mission is to help you use worship and prayer to make wrong things right in the world. 

We can hep you use worship as love, and worship as war for the sake of the Kingdom of God, right where you live. 

Does this describe you? If so, we are so glad we've found each other.



"God is using Love and War to provide a sanctuary of healing for my heart, reminding me what true worship is."

Brett Miller
Sacramento, CA 


"Time with the Love and War Community has marked a pivotal moment in our lives."

Seth and Emily Gerhke
Houston, TX

"This journey has been transformational for our hearts, marriage, and ministry."

Jason Phelps
Houston, TX

"Through Love and War, God is increasing our awareness to see He's at work in our home."

Drew and Meghan Williams
Huntington Beach, CA