1. Can I work as a full, or part-time worship leader and join this moment? If you are a vocational worship leader, Love and War can help you build a rhythm of life that helps you live more like Jesus beyond Sunday. 
  2. What if I am not a full-time worship leader, can I join this movement? Yes! We can equip you to bring worship and prayer into your everyday life. 
  3. Will this take time from my current responsibilities? Depends. New things will certainly come into your life and some old things will have to go. That's just the way growth works. Don’t worry, we work with you on that kind of thing in Learning Communities. We’ve found it’s kind of fun to take a serious inventory our of lives in order to make it more about the essential things. 
  4. What if my church isn’t on this "missional" journey? That’s okay. As a worship leader, it’s not likely you can change your church system, but you CAN change your life, and that’s what we work with you on. 
  5. What if I’ve never written a song? What if I’m not that skilled as a musician? Good news, we built this with you in mind. EVERYONE has a place at this table. Welcome to it. 
  6. Do I have what it takes? HECK YES! Jesus says you have what it takes, and we won’t argue with him.