JON SHIRLEY: Co-founder, Visionary

Jon is a storyteller. He's a worship leader with over 25 years of experience in church leadership. He's a songwriter, speaker, and missional practitioner working with the Gathering Network - a network of missional communities in Kansas City. Jon is endlessly fascinated with the person of Jesus, and with helping younger worship leaders go on a journey of discovering a Jesus-centered way of life. He is also Husband to Alissa, and father to Reave, Beck, and Kezi.


JACK SMITHEY: Co-founder, Host/Producer of the L+W Podcast

We call him “High-Joy Jack”. You’ll know why when you get to spend some time with him. Jack is the current program director the the Gathering Network, and also leads a missional community in Kansas City called Mosaic that exists to love international students at a local university with the love of Jesus. Jack is spending his life taking worship on mission deep into the heart of Kansas City. 


LAUREN PLEMONS: Co-founder, Queen of Communication, Events and Hospitality

Lauren is the resident Enneagram expert of the L+W family. Don't know what the Enneagram is? Go here. Lauren leads the way for female worship leaders in this movement, and we could not be more proud. She's brave, anointed, gifted, and she's living the kind of life we describe in our training. You can find Lauren on Tuesday nights in KC standing on the corner of 57th and Troost, asking heaven for racial justice in our city. 


RYAN CARR: Creative Director

Ryan has been on our journey from the very beginning. If you are familiar with IHOPKC (the House of Prayer, not Pancakes) and you watch GodTV or have been to the OneThing conference in KC, chances are you’ve been under Ryan’s leadership. He’s currently on staff at the International House of Prayer - Kansas City, spending 16 hours a week praying for heaven to come to earth - all while sitting behind a drum kit. Wondering how to get the people in your band on mission? Come to KC and hang with this guy.