Watch this: A very short talk that gets to the heart of our message.

Don't have time to watch it now?

Here's some of the stuff Jon says in this talk: 

  • "After a serious study of Jesus’ life, I realized my life and vocation as a worship leader didn’t look at all like his life." 

  • "I spend all week planning a service I know my neighbors are never coming to and that’s a problem if the mission of the church is to bring people to it." 

  • "Worship leaders work in one mode of ministry, a centralized mode, and the expectation is for people outside the church to come to us to hear about Jesus." 

  • "The Holy Spirit is waking up a new kind of worship leader." 

  • "God is unbinding worship leaders who are called to be sent beyond Sunday to make disciples." 

  • Jon gives a vision for small spiritual families who use worship as war, deep in neighborhoods, who fight FOR people in prayer, not against them. 

*Filmed at the Austin Stone Worship Leaders Conference, 2013