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What is your MUST WIN for the next 6 months?

What will your discipleship pipeline be? (i.e. Discovery Bible Method, some other way to study the Bible? Who will be in your discipleship pipeline?  Is it RPM: Reproducible, Portable, Memorable?

What will your evangelistic “space” be? Who will be there? 

What needs to STOP so you can make space to START these things?    

Huddles are every fourth Tuesday nights, 8:30 pm CST: 

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Michael Sullivent: Life Model Works slides

Photos from Track 3 (tag @alecvanderboom)

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Jon talks to John Loppnow, a spiritual leader and neuro-theologian who has co-created a way to learn how to hear the voice of God in a spiritual practice we call "Interactive Prayer" - because God has a voice prayer is a two-way conversation.