Love and War is a network of worship leaders who want to live Jesus-imitating lives, on mission with friends that feel like family. 


We see a new kind of worship leader emerging. 

This new kind of worship leader has a deep passion for the church they serve in, and for the world beyond the church. They have a burden for their neighbors who probably won’t come to church on Sunday, and hope that Jesus makes wrong things right in the world. 

We see a “call to small” from Heaven coming to these worship leaders. This call to small is a desire for authentic, home-based, context-aware, worshipping spiritual-extended-families that serve unreligious people in the way Jesus would, by moving in, and being a blessing to them where they are.

Love and War has formed over the past seven years through what God is doing in our church, the Gathering Network, and through coaching by 3dmovementsLove and War has been developing a way to carry worship, as the church, beyond the church building into in our city. And, as a result, we’ve discovered ways to equip other worship leaders to do the same. 

Now worship leaders across the country are joining us to learn how to carry worship on mission.

So, in short, we've developed training to help worship leaders do more "Jesus stuff", to help the modern worship leader resolve the tension they feel between Sunday and the rest of life. 

We love Sunday worship and see it as vital. Still, we are fascinated with the possibilities that exist to help people in our neighborhoods re-imagine Jesus beyond Sunday - in ordinary, real life.