Session One: A Theology of a Jesus-shaped Life (Greg Owens)

In this brief session, Greg Owens starts off Track 2 of the Learning Community with a re-cap of a Jesus-shaped life. 

Session One: Social Spaces (Jack Smithey)

In this short talk, Jack Smithey explains, from a sociological perspective, the need for social interaction in our lives. We all want deeper connectivity, right? Jack describes the way social spaces make the connection we want possible. 

Session One: Putting the Story Together and the 5 Steps (Jon Shirley)

In this talk, Jon builds on Greg and Jack's talks to describe the transformational journey of Track 2. He uses Social Spaces to emphasize the longing in the worship leaders heart to live a Jesus-shaped life beyond the program space, and explains the difference between valuing a Jesus-shaped life, and prioritizing that way of life daily.  

Session Two: Personal Prayer Plan (Jon Shirley) 

In this short session, Jon helps us move toward prioritizing prayer in our lives by helping us build a personal prayer plan, as a part of the Jesus-shaped Life plan we will curate through the entire Learning Community process. 

PDF: The Jesus-shaped Life Plan

PDF: Jesus' Private Prayer Practices

Session Three: A Deeper Dive into Personal Prayer (Gary Schmitz)

In this session we had the privilege of sitting at the feet of one of Kansas City's most significant church fathers, Gary Schmitz. Gary is a man of deep and profound prayer, and the movement he leads, City Wide Prayer Movement of Kansas City is changing our city. What a gift to be with him. 

Session Four: Core Team (Jon Shirley)

In this final session, Jon walks us through the practicality of growing a spiritual family from a CORE TEAM founded on Jesus and his presence in a missional context. He describes the transformational journey we will be walking out between tracks two and three. It all comes together in this talk.