Is Modern Worship Leadership a Boys Club? With Jo Saxton (Episode 18)

We had a conversation with Jo Saxton to discuss women in modern worship leadership.

For us, this quickly became one of the most enlightening discussions regarding what women feel when they look across the landscape of leadership and growth opportunities in their contexts.

We discuss the theology of women leading in congregational settings, as well as the issues of confidence, and the opportunity cost of not allowing women to lead.

That’s what today’s episode is all about.

Demystifying God's Voice with Michael and Terri Sullivant (Episode 17)

We believe that many worship leaders want the ability to hear from their Heavenly Father and a better working theology of the Holy Spirit.

Yet, we don’t always know what God's voice is and how to begin to recognize how he may be getting our attention. 

So we brought in some help, our friends Michael and Terri Sullivant, to begin to demystify hearing God’s voice.

That’s what today’s episode is all about.

Learning to Quiet and Lead with Joy with John and Sungshim Loppnow (Episode 16)

All of us want a genuine, passionate relationship with Jesus, but all too often things feel flat - sometimes it even feels like the lights have gone out, the passion has faded, and the joy we once felt is gone. 

Is this the life God intends for us? Can we find a way back to a joy-filled life in God? 

We believe you can, and we’ve personally found help. 

We are glad to introduce you to our friends, John and Sungshim Loppnow, who we believe can help you find a way home to hearing God once again through the practices of quieting and interactive gratitude. 

That’s what today’s episode is all about.