Entering the Ordinary (Episode 1)


Welcome to the Love and War Worship Podcast! We want to welcome you to what we believe will be a new conversation in modern worship leadership. 

We love the modern worship leader.

We love all they care about - their church, their bands, how to lead and rehearse their band, their songs, how to find new songs, how to help your congregation worship more passionately, on and on - we would love to talk about those things with you over dinner soon. 

However, as much as we love talking about this stuff, we want to host a conversation that we just don’t hear happening these days. 

We want to look deeply into the life and example of Jesus. We want to look at where his time went, who he spent his time with, how he went about doing this thing we all do called “ministry.”

In essence, we want to have a conversation about how to re-learn him, and how to re-learn making him known in the respective places we all live. 

Things are changing in America pretty quickly these days. The assumptions we used to be able to make about a lot of things probably need to be reviewed - we’d throw this thing called “modern worship leadership” at the top of the list, because, well, it’s what we do, and it’s who we are. 

We would love to see a movement of worship happen that moves toward ordinary places, authentic places, broken places, places that need hope, healing, and promise. We’d love to encourage the worship leader who has been tracking with us in this conversation. We want to be the wind in their sales.

So, let’s get started.