We are worship leaders too.

Like you, so much of our and time, energy, and creativity goes into the worthwhile work of making Sunday awesome.

But, we’ve noticed that no matter how great we make it - our neighbors at home are probably not going to come to those services because today people are less and less interested in organized religion.

So, here’s the question we are asking -

Is revival possible in today's post-Christian culture?

If so, what impact does fervent prayer have on the mission of God today?

Well, we believe a LOT. In fact, we believe worship leaders are the "tip of the spear" of something fresh and unique that God is doing today.  

It's been our experience that where red-hot worship and prayer syncs up with common sense missional practices - in the context of a community of friends who feel like family, cool stuff happens.

So, we equip worship leaders to:

1. Organize extraordinary worship and prayer in ordinary places, like their home

2. Build daily rhythms of life around a few common sense missional practices

3. Grow a spiritual family from the ground floor of discipleship


There’s more to it, but if you are a worship leader who is hungry for more to life beyond stage ministry - this might be your conversation!